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Arktika are back with their third album „Symmetry“. The sound of Arktika is still very standalone: elements of post-rock mix with heavy sludge parts, glimpses of 90es Emocore are enhanced with deep at- mospheric melodies. The vocals sound angry and desperate while the lyrics deal with personal issues. „Symmetry“ contains five new songs and has a running time of roughly 40 Minutes. The album was recorded by Sebastian Blaschke at Gottesweg Studios in Cologne and was mastered by Dan Coutant at Sunroom Mastering New York.


released August 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Arktika Köln, Germany

Arktika is a post-rock-band from Cologne, Germany founded in 2008. They released a two-song-12“LP called „heartwrencher“ (2009) and a double-12“-LP called „at zero“ (2010) through the German label Narshardaa Records. Both LPs were recorded at „Tonmeisterei-Studios“ in Oldenburg, Germany. Arktika has played shows with bands like Envy (jp), Scraps of Tape, Constants, Caspian and others. ... more

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Track Name: a praise for ghosts

When theres nothing to believe in
there is nothing i can lose.
These hands of loneliness are everything that comfort me.
I am chained to a bar like a bird in a cage.

In the houses of the holy we pray to god
to destroy our enemies as we sing songs of praise and charity.
Embraced by hopelessness and united by disillusion.

Are we blessed or cursed that we see thru their lies?
I raise my voice to speak but still I am not heard. The leaders we elect
they choke the truth with lies cus its easier to rule a nation of fools.
Thats when I close my eyes and this world just disappears.
I raise my voice to scream but still I am not heard.

When theres nothing to believe in
there is nothing I can lose.
These dark nights embrace me
as I walk among the dead
These hands of loneliness
are everything that hold me
and no matter where you stand
you stand here with me.
Track Name: broken flowers

There are battles to be won and they rage within our hearts.
They crash in like waves as we try to keep our heads high.
They form us and break us and they surely leave their mark
and its the decisions that we make that sometimes break a heart.

Thats when people you know turn into someone you knew
as we all strive for a better life. Promises made by big city lights
and thats when we all have to recognize the obvious powers of honesty
and how disillusioning a normal life can be but it makes us come to terms
with who we really are and where we wanna be.
We all need words to live by and someone who can make us feel alive.

The stories our mothers told and the few things that we cannot hold.
We cannot hold our breath long enough to die.

I ran away from a city that died and ran away
from a love run dry. And nothing has kept me there---
my fate had been chosen. I wish i couldn't tell a lie, a heart so pure like a babies cry,
just one more look at my fathers eyes. I fill my empty heart with you.

We don't choose death it chooses us. We don't look back, we take the ride.
I don't need so much to stay alive. Just a bed, a room, and someone to kiss goodnight
These empty nights i cannot sleep i fill my heart with you.

Erase these chapters from your past. Sweet dreams die hard.
Wipe away these bitter tears from my face.
All our hopes die last.

So take these splinters of my broken past
from my trembling hands. Cus we cannot hold
our breath long enough to die.
Track Name: the living receiver

I am happy is something i haven't said in a while. Everything i lost, i found it in you.
Track Name: sermon

We've been preaching the same old things over and over again. We are trapped
in that same old routine where no one is listening.We will become a memory.

Not knowing what the future holds we stare into the past
with held-back tears and burning throats. These caskets are our future homes
and these graveyards are our fate as we seek life in a dying town. Every day passing
by is just another day that we manage to survive. Our bodies fade away from bright to grey
and nothing will remain. Everything stays the same.

These lovesongs are our eulogies and those empty beds our tombs and we
sleep in sheets of broken glass and call a grave a home. We call these graves our homes.
And how long must we wait to feel alive once in our lifes in this city of ghosts.

We are tattered and torn and nothing will remain.
We are broken and torn and everything stays the same.
Track Name: bridgeburner

I'm staring at blank walls in this house I left for dead
where only our ghosts sleep in empty beds.
And like a falling leaf my whole life is spinning down.
May the bridges that I burned light my way.

Let it burn.

I have burned down what was once my home
and I hold on to nothing as fast as I can.
As my heart of stone is draggin me down
and I'm so sorry to cause you all this grief
I wish you no harm.

Our hearts will love again,
but just not each others.

I need to bury you in the past
to come to peace at last
and our hearts will love again,
but just not each others.
Just not each others.